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Planned Giving Mentorship Program
Available through San Antonio Chapter

The Planned Giving Council of San Antonio, a chapter of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, works to help people and organizations create charitable giving experiences that are the most meaningful in achieving both charitable mission and the philanthropic, financial, family and personal goals of the donor. To this end, the San Antonio Chapter offers a mentoring program that provides members the opportunity to benefit from the advice, counsel and guidance of experienced planned giving professionals.

Based on the organization and chapter’s commitment to quality in fundraising, planned giving and advisor professions, the Mentorship Program arranges one-on-one mentoring relationships between experienced charitable planning and/or planned giving professionals and those seeking increased skills and confidence, an introduction to the community or within PGCSA.

Participation requires the completion and submission of applications from prospective mentors and mentees. The chapter’s Mentorship Committee matches the teams and supports the efforts of the teams to achieve agreed-upon goals. Each mentoring team makes a commitment to participate for six to nine months. Mentees do not have to be members of the PGCSA..

Program Description

The Mentorship Program offers the opportunity to learn through interaction with peers that have significant planned giving and/or charitable planning experience (at least five years). Mentors may advise on career paths, share information on regional educational conferences and seminars or provide more detailed information relating to specific aspects of planned giving. The guidance and relationship overall will be guided primarily by the desires of the mentee.
The Mentorship Program is intended to further the career skills and objectives of beginning planned giving professionals or members new to the area. It is not designed to provide long-term or extensive organizational assistance.

What the program is:

An opportunity to learn more about planned giving and/or charitable planning as a career option
An opportunity to seek advice on career goals or problem situations
A personal and professional growth opportunity
An opportunity to take time out for self-assessment

What the program is not:

A “how-to” on planned giving
A 911-hotline for questions relating to planned giving/charitable planning

Activity-based Learning

People usually learn best while doing. Therefore, mentoring teams might wish to identify one activity (such as defining a career path goal) with specific, tangible outcomes on which to work together, with a timeframe for this work. The mentor would guide the mentee to successfully complete the activity, so that as the mentoring relationship concludes, mentees have improved their skill sets for future growth.

Selection Process

Mentors will be matched with mentees who work in similar disciplines whenever possible. We will look for shared interests in specific planned giving or charitable planning skills or outside interests.

Time Commitment

Suggested commitment is a minimum one hour per month for six to nine months.

For additional information, please contact Lynne T. Dean, CFRE, at (210) 486-4135 or

Apply for Membership
The PGCSA is a dynamic group of non-profit planned giving professionals from academic, health care, religious, social and cultural institutions working with a variety of allied professionals including attorneys, accountants, trust officers, financial planners, insurance representatives and planned giving consultants.

While joint membership in the PGCSA and the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners is encouraged, non-profit and allied professionals may join only the PGCSA and receive all the benefits of the local organization.

If you have questions about PGCSA membership, please contact our Vice President/Membership, Kimberly West

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